Online Training



What is the time frame for your online course?

My Online Course is a go at your own pace course. Meaning, you can complete it at any time you want.

How long do I have access to the Online Training Course?

You will have 6 month access to my Online Training Course.

How long is your online course?

My online course is around 8 hours. I am constantly updating it, so it may be longer once you purchase it. 

Do I receive a certificate when I am finished with your course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion.

What is a Freight Broker?

A Freight Broker is a person that receive loads from a Shipper and sells them to a Truck Driver or a Trucking Company.

Will I have placement after training?

Yes, we will place you with a brokerage after you complete our training.

How long is your Hands On Training?

We have a 1 and 2 week Hands On Training Courses. 1 week is 5 business days.



About Me

I have been in the Logistics Industry for 11 years and counting. I started off as a Truck Driver, then switched to a Truck Driver Trainer, then switched to working in safety for a trucking company, then went to owning my own trucks. At this point I knew it was something that I was missing but could not figure out what it was. By me having trucks, I was going to figure out what a broker was one way or another and figure out exactly what they do. One day I decided to learn more about brokers, I liked it, and went on my journey to become a Freight Broker, this was the pieces to the puzzle that I was missing. Logistics is my passion; I enjoy learning new things and spreading that knowledge onto others. No two days are the same in this industry, so no one will ever know everything, you can try to learn though. 

Truck Driver Trainer

One Of My Trucks

In The Office

Hands On Training

If you're in the Chicago, IL area, join us for a 1 or 2 week Hands On Freight Broker Training experience.

Freight Broker Training

Everything you need to know to become a successful Freight Broker.
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How To Find Carriers

Learn How To find Carriers Course.
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How To Find Shippers

Learn How To find Shippers Course.
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Freight Broker Training Manual

Teach yourself how to broker freight.
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Hands On Freight Broker Training - Chicago, IL - 1 Week

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Hands On Freight Broker Training - Chicago, IL - 2 Week

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