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Freight Broker Training - Hands On

Freight Broker Training - Hands On

Join us for a 1 or 2 week training experience at Erving's Training & Consulting! We cover over 30 chapters of brokering materials, including the History of brokering, what it is need to set up your Office, what is Prospecting and how it relates to your business and success, how to use Prospect Calls effectively, what is the Shippers Package and how it is created, how to Calculate Rates, what do you do when Working With Shippers and more.... You will receive 2 days of training, and 3 or 8 days of Hands On Prospecting in our brokerage depending on the option you choose.


Freight Broker Training - Online

Freight Broker Training

Our Freight Broker Training Online Course provides you with a detailed training experience. You will receive 3 courses, How to Broker Freight, How to Find Shippers and How to Find Carriers.

How To Find Shippers

Our How To Find Shippers course provides you with all the tools needed to find shippers.

How To Find Carriers

Our How To Find Carriers course provides you with all the tools needed to find carriers.

Our Next Hands On Training Class Starts  November 02, 2020 Click Here To Reserve Your Seat Now! 

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